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Journey: Introduction to Our Story, by Leah Maltzman

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

From the beginning,

we were tadpoles

swimming in a new lake

of explosive ideas and modern poetry.

We were baby cows,

stumbling over non-romantic,

weird and vague

poems of Dickinson and Whitman.

Then, we moved.

We walked straight like we weren’t drunk on

the changes of writing and the

Imagists and the New York School and the Beats.

We were teenagers, still growing

into our own people

rebelling against the modern, beat-driven, image-central,

school-like poems we read everyday.

Finally, we grew.

We became stars,

our own planets of thoughts and writings.

We know how to analyze—looking deep into the eyes of Es.

And now,

now we look back,

and see exactly how we grew.

Every story has a beginning

and hopefully,

this story has no end.

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