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A Burst, by Lily Guggenheim

A burst of sound is placed in my right ear,

then my left.

It’s soft at first then

it suddenly begins to grow.

It’s just loud enough to cover the words of the people around me.

Their mouths move

but I am transported into another world of music and serenity

where the outer sound is unheard.

My jaw pops and my neck cracks

and my back arches into the bass and the beat.

The laughter around me falls into the silence of each pulse

slyly hidden between each note, string, and key.

So I fall into the outer space of the world,

floating on the music of relaxation and detachment

and suddenly something strong enough to break the bond of music pours into my consciousness

and the outer world is gone

and the reality sets in

and life continues on.

A loud world of silence with no music to be heard.

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