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To the Ocean, by Annonymous

A smile, an open door, and a joke

He greeted her with the unknown,

But he swore that he hated mysteries.

He kept one hand on the wheel,

And the other swayed with his voice.

A laugh, a smile, and an open door

He greeted the beach by running into the waves.

Fully clothed, he danced in the break,

Even though he hated dancing.

He smiled back at her,

Letting her know that she was in for a ride.

An open embrace, a smile, and a joke

They sat facing the beach,

Taking about secrets and uncertain futures,

But he hated that.

She could tell by his grin and the way he sat,

Calm, but unsure.

A joke, a laugh, and a smile.

She knew that it wasn’t forever.

That the pebbles their feet grazed

Wouldn’t be there in a year or even a month.

She smiled at him.

He smiled at her.

An open door and a smile

He left with a smile and he never looked back

But she could tell that he had greeted the uncertainty

The journey that had no path.

And with an open embrace,

He was ready

To dance, smile, and laugh in all of the unknown.

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