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Why Do We Begin? by Tahlia Fehl

Updated: Mar 24, 2019


It’s a strange concept


The beginning

It’s the big bang

It’s Adam

It’s life after birth

It’s when you meet the one you love

It’s when you have your first child

It’s the beginning

There are many beginnings

There is not just one

If we try and pinpoint one beginning

We will fail

If we try and plan our beginning

We will fail

If we try

If we just try

We will fail

We will fail because there is not just one beginning

We will fail because we don’t know it’s the beginning till it passes

We will fail because a beginning means an ending

The end

The end of the world

The end to those we love

The end to your life

The end

You can’t have the beginning without an end

So why do we want new beginnings if they all just end

Why do we begin?

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