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Untitled, By Rebecca Avrutin

I started on my path

A long journey to map

I wasn’t sure where I was going

My mind cannot decide

America: the country of opportunity

Where was mine?

California, with its towering Sierras

With the wealth of the Gold Rush concentrated in the Silicon Valley

Teslas rush by on the highway

The North is a beautiful blanket of white

And the South throws me into a movie

Is this the place for me?

New Mexico throws a red cover on me

The desert rocks bring shade in the everlasting sun

The history is incredible as the many different cultures blend together

Is this the place for me?

Atlanta, Georgia calls to me

The end of Sherman’s March

The day the slaves went free

Southern hospitality greets me

Chicken and waffles flow through the street

Is this the place for me?

New Orleans beckons me with jazz

Oh how that music ebbs and flows

The notes surround me and lift me up

It is as if I can see the past

African Americans creating a name for themselves, becoming famous, important

Is this the place for me?

New York shocks me with its neon lights

The bustling streets, the never ending cars

Horns, birds, screaming

No rest in the city that never sleeps

Central Park, Madison Square, Empire State

The entire world seems to be here

Is this the place for me?

My brain is dizzy

I cannot think

My journey must go somewhere

As I get into my car, I start to think

What will make me happy?

Where is my place to be?

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