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Jour·ney, by Noga Rafalin


-noun “an act of traveling from one place to another.”

People always say; “it’s about the journey,”

“Not the destination.”

But what is a journey without an ending location.

It’s a careless wander,

A stroll in the unknown,

A hopeless reason to leave the comfort of home.

A journey is always a search to discover,

A need to have,

Or a meaning to uncover.

It’s never intended to over-aspire,

To hope to relish the journey,

All in the process of a single desire.

It’s not wrong to love the process,

But let’s not forget, the reason we started this, and reassess.

Where would we be if the destination was never professed

Just wandering carelessly, no need to progress.

So let’s always remember, it’s not

“Not about the destination,”

Rather, it’s because of the destination, that we

Built this cognation,

Experienced this sensation,

And reached this location.

It’s about the journey, but because of the destination.

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