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I Am Generation Lockdown, by Henry Shane

Every day

Every week

Every month

Every year

Every life.

Every day over 100 Americans are shot and killed.

100 Americans.

What does that triple-digit number mean?

not enough action is being taken,

that’s what this means.

Whether or not you think this is made up

or can’t comprehend this epidemic,

this is the truth,

the truth and perspective of a daily high school student.

Over 40,000 lives taken in 2018 and 2019

And yet what has changed?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

When is Enough, ENOUGH!?

This is why WE need to continue to

fight for our lives

fight for each other


fight for our rights.

In our lifetime,

most of us will know at least



who has been affected by gun violence.

Every day

Every week

Every month

Every year

Every life.

A textbook hitting the floor

A balloon popping


A locker slamming

is like the drills or shootings

all over again


Drill or not, no time to think


Locked doors


Hiding, and not knowing

A silent cry

Shut up

or you will be shot.

In a shooting

In less than a minute

In this room

We would all be dead.

This is the daily reality of my generation.

The reality of gun violence

A reality of America

We can’t be prepared

We can only act fast.

I am a 17-year-old student.

A student in high school.

When I walk the halls

When I sit any room

When I sit in any chair

I constantly think

“Am I next?”

Until I am the next.

I Am Generation Lockdown.

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