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Beginning to End, by Anonymous

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I met someone

He was just so blissfully pure

He felt like a blooming beautiful beginning

But the red roses that showed up on my doorstep the next day

soon shriveled

And the thorns played their deceitful tricks

now I can only think about

How hard it will be

When he leaves

And how the beginning

Will disintegrate into what I know as

Silky stranger grey

I don’t want to dance there

I only want to dance under the sun

With forevers that feel like beginnings

And beginnings that feel like forever

But this is not where I will be

You are bound to leave

They always do

And this is all I can think about

When I think of you

Endings are dark and stormy

If only I could focus on this sunny beginning

And how you remind me of the sea

Wild, free, and where I want to be

Instead of the inevitable ending

Where we say goodbye

And it hurts like hell

And yet another sliver of my heart

Is occupied by someone else

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