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Asian Culture Club, by Natalie Choi

Being the only Christian, Asian girl at a Jewish high school has broadened my definition

of a community. Not only was there very little diversity, but most of my classmates were

unfamiliar with my culture other than the Chinese food they would eat during Hanukkah. Being

within that minority, I felt a responsibility to care for my community by representing that area in

which it lacked. Grateful for what my classmates had taught me about their religion, I wanted to

return the favor by teaching them about my culture. I proposed starting an Asian Culture club to

the administration which quickly gained traction. As I stood in front of my peers discussing the

Chinese mythology behind mooncake, I realized that the Chinese, Protestant girl who first

entered this strange environment has found a unique place in this community. My Kehillah

family touched me with their open-minded willingness to explore cultures different from theirs,

the very sentiment that drew me to a Jewish school. Because of this, I have become a more

empathetic person than I would have been at any other school and I would not trade this

experience for anything in the world.

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